The Financial Advisor Club
The Financial Advisors Club NFT collection is made up of 1,800 unique financial advisor avatars. Living on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 and financially advising like degenerates, these little guys are ready to bring the community to life. Missed the MINT? If the initial sale has sold out, visit our official collection on OpenSea
The Financial Advisor Club
The Financial Advisor Club (or $TFAC for short.) Are a meme inspired series of 1,800 unique NFT mints that live on the Ethereum blockchain as a ERC721 token.
Each mint is uniquely created covering a diverse range of "financial advisors" , some that are obviously on the way up and others sliding down. LFG, YOLO, FOMO, just don't miss out on the “TFAC NFTS”
This is NOT financial advice BUT these are the financial advisors!
1,800 Financial Advisors. Missed the MINT? Check us out on opensea.
The degens. The herd. The Plebs. The Yoloers. We are the 81%! Each Financial Advisor is unique in their own way. With traits such as hair, emotion, skin tone….! The question is, are you part of the 81% or perhaps you are a bit RARER?!
These Are the top 18% of the TFAC collection. With super rare and desirable traits such as Lazer Eyes, Mask, Smoking, Rambo, McDonald's hat, Jewish. We don't make the rules the big bang event did.
0.2% Super rare and NOT inspired by any known persons dead or alive. Sexier, Smarter, Bigger Brained? The 0.2% of the TFAC NFT mints are undeniably easier on the eye than the other plebs. The question is, are you part of the 0.2%?
Phase 1 (Recovery Roadmap) - COMPLETED
We are implementing more member-only benefits for our NFT holders, you will need to verify through the bot once it is set up, there will be a text chat showing step by step on how to do everything to become verified. Not everything will be introduced at once, but slowly brought in one by one as we have a small team working on this currently. Our goals are to help bring this project back on its feet where it should be. Most of this will be done by the end of this weekend latest. Just to show you guys we aren’t dead, we haven’t left and we aren’t a scam, we’re just like any other NFT project, just we became too popular for Reddit's liking.
Phase 2 (Recovery Roadmap) - COMPLETED
In our 2nd phase we will be slowly starting to do giveaways as our member count and activity increases, as there will be more reasons to be in the discord than just chatting and supporting the project, we will be bringing in stock bots that will notify you what stocks are top-performing, what cryptos are top-performing, highly shorted stocks, etc, as well as financial advice from reputable sources on the internet, we want to provide a special service for our NFT holders that no other NFT would provide. This will be most likely implemented near the end of the month as stuff like this takes time but we wanted to shine some light for the community and show them we do care and we are working towards better things, we just don't want to promise false hopes.
Phase 3 (Recovery Roadmap) - COMPLETED
We will be restarting our marketing, targeting a better audience that would be invested in NFTs instead of spending money on useless marketing on Supreme Patty or J Manziel, and more on our own pages trying to gain our reputation back, as we have tried becoming verified on multiple rarity ranking websites. We will spend money on marketing towards actual creators that will be willing to hop on this project, unlike our previous marketing manager that threw money at random ass people with followers. Hopefully with all the implemented member benefits will attract more people into this project and community.
Phase 4 (Recovery Roadmap) - COMPLETED
We will be trying to clean everything up and make sure everything on this project and community is working smoothly and well. We only want success from here on out, and we appreciate all the support and ideas you guys have provided. We limited total supply to 1800.
Restructuring our marketing to be able to target a better audience and promoting all our social media accounts.
Phase 6
In our 6th phase of the Roadmap we will be implementing our OpenSea Royalties Rewards Program, where we will be rewarding our NFT holders monthly with possibly 50% of our OpenSea taxes. Number is possible to change at a moments time as we haven't reached this phase yet
Phase 7
Limited edition TFAC merch as well as exclusive NFT rewards for those seen being active within the TFAC community!
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