The Financial Advisor Club
The Financial Advisors Club NFT collection is made up of 5,000 unique financial advisor avatars. Living on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 and financially advising like degenerates, these little guys are ready to bring the community to life. Missed the MINT? If the initial sale has sold out, visit our official collection on OpenSea
The Financial Advisor Club
Fair Distribution
There are no bonding curves here. The Financial Advisor NFT costs 0.08 ETH. There are no price tiers; The Financial Advisor membership costs the same for everyone.
The Financial Advisor Club (or $TFAC for short.) Are a meme inspired series of 5,000 unique NFT mints that live on the Ethereum blockchain as a ERC721 token.
Each mint is uniquely created covering a diverse range of "financial advisors" , some that are obviously on the way up and others sliding down. LFG, YOLO, FOMO, just don't miss out on the “TFAC NFTS”
This is NOT financial advice BUT these are the financial advisors!
5,000 Financial Advisors. Missed the MINT? Check us out on opensea.
The degens. The herd. The Plebs. The Yoloers. We are the 81%! Each Financial Advisor is unique in their own way. With traits such as hair, emotion, skin tone….! The question is, are you part of the 81% or perhaps you are a bit RARER?!
These Are the top 18% of the TFAC collection. With super rare and desirable traits such as Lazer Eyes, Mask, Smoking, Rambo, McDonald's hat, Jewish. We don't make the rules the big bang event did.
0.2% Super rare and NOT inspired by any known persons dead or alive. Sexier, Smarter, Bigger Brained? The 0.2% of the TFAC NFT mints are undeniably easier on the eye than the other plebs. The question is, are you part of the 0.2%?
Phase 1
Influencer Partnerships. We are already in talks with other various big communities in the NFT space, and are very excited for the many future partnerships that are on the horizon!
20 handcrafted unique “The Financial Advisor” will be randomly airdropped
Phase 2
OPENSEA ROYALTIES REWARDS. We will be equally rewarding our holders monthly with 50% of our Open Sea Taxes.
Phase 3
We will be dropping TFAC merch as well as NFT Rewards for being active in the community.
How much does a TFAC cost to mint?
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